Networking is like telecommunication, Eg: during the stone age in which the people are using drum to communicate
Network is collection of connected intel computing device/ connect 2 pc using direct cabling which is also known as basic network

Computer networking is connecting pc to one another / other devices to communicate with each other by software, mass media
Computer network is a collection of data on pc to share sharing data, hardware, software
Example of server

And then there is LAN , WAN, MAN and PAN

WAN topology

All of the networking can be categorize to 3 properties:-
Topology = geometric arrangement of the network
Protocol = set of rules &signal the pc on the network use to communicate
Architecture = peer to peer/client/server

Transmission media:-
Bounded media = twisted pair wire, co-axial & fiber optic
unbounded media = air/vacuum, AM/ FM radio,tv braodcasting, stellite communication,microwave radio, infrared
Bridge network

Router network
Gateway network
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