This is the 1st time for me to write my own blog, So sorry the mistake and sorry for the boring post.  My 1st experience in the the 2ns semester of  IT class is great. The lecturer is a lot of fun and very funny. Although it is fun, the learning still continues. It is also easy for me the understand her style of teaching. For the 1st week, i learn about telecommunication and everything related to it. It's started with the meaning of communication, which i would be searching to wikipedia although the meaning can be more shorter. Next is the starting to learn about telecommunication. This the second time for me to know about the history about telecommunication which is still boring for the 2nd time. I hope it doesn't jinx it and put it in the question :P. I also learnt about the IPOSC which each letter has its meaning. its anagram for easier remembering style I think. So, I think that I already write too much for today so till next week.

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  1. Afiqah Hani Says:

    i hope you enjoy ur next class

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